Welcome Houston Residents:

My name is C.O. "Brad" Bradford, former Houston Chief of Police, Attorney, and Public Safety Consultant. I am asking for your support with my candidacy for Houston City Council, At-Large Position Four.   I am committed to:

  • Protecting private property rights and ensuring that neighborhoods are involved in any decisions impacting the community’s character and restrictions
  • Assigning more foot and bike patrol police officers to neighborhoods
  • Addressing our critical infrastructure repair needs
  • Implementing more neighborhood after school programs
  • Working to resolve our transportation issues

Your help and other “civic minded individuals” support of local candidates and issues impacting our community are to be commended. We are working hard to get my message out around the city of Houston. As Houston moves forward, we must get better prepared to deal with issues such as public safety, budget restraints, critical infrastructure repairs and many others. Having been a resident of the city of Houston since 1979, a police officer for 24 years, and Chief of Police for 7 years, I understand the city’s budgeting, planning, and policymaking processes. Experience Matters!


I am asking for your help and vote to be your voice at City Hall. Please help me to get my message out in your neighborhood. Call my campaign at 281.460.9808 or 713.882.0404, email info@cobradford.com, or visit www.cobradford.com online.

Say “yes” to helping me in your neighborhood!

Again, thank you for being a supporter.

C.O. "Brad" Bradford

Candidate for Houston City Council, At-Large Position 4

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